Out of the Woods?

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I’ve been listening to my daughter’s Christmas CD in the car this summer.  I like it when the kids like music that I like too.  It doesn’t always happen! My son is into The Scat Man, and although the sentiments are lovely (think bad rap: I wanna be a human being/ not a human doing/ I couldn’t keep that pace up if I tried/  But if part of your solution/ isn’t ending the pollution/ then I don’t wanna hear your story told…) the relentless scatting and boppy beats drive me crazy.  So, given the alternative, my favourite track on Bee’s CD is a song called Out of the Woods.  It’s here:

Taylor Swift: Out of the Woods
(this was filmed right here in New Zealand, I like that)

I love this track so much.  It makes me think of the things that are going on in our micro world at the moment.  My early fantastic flurry of a response to steroids, my more recent dip back into some of my less fabulous symptoms.  It’s a rollercoaster hope ride. We’ll see the immunologist again tomorrow.  In 24 hours I will know if he thinks my response is a good indicator for a next step. And I’m rolling down the track, thinking “are we out of the woods yet?  Are we in the clear?”

It’s a catchy set of lyrics, I like the repetitive mantra.  But what makes the song really something is that beautiful line somewhere in the middle.  The writer and her partner are in the hospital, after a frightening experience, they’ve been in the metaphorical woods, when:
“the monsters turned out to be just trees…
and when the sun came up
you were looking at me”

I like that because it makes me think about my man. The road has been treacherous and difficult.  There are scary things around every corner. But when the sun comes up, he’ll still be looking at me.  🙂
Thanks BobbyD.  I’m glad to be navigating these woods with you.


6 thoughts on “Out of the Woods?”

  1. Hey Rachel! Lovely post, thanks also for introducing me to your favourite track right now….I just had a listen… I dont know a lot about Taylor Swift, but I think you have me hooked too! 🙂

    Wishing you all the very BEST for tomorrow appointment – I am really hoping that they can point you in the next best direction. Sounds like you have a very strong and loving man there Rachel, every step of the way. xx

    1. He is a honey, Nats. I am very very fortunate to have him in my world. Thanks for the best wishes.
      Have a listen to this track to… it is my other favourite from this album:
      She writes great lyrics that girl!
      When I am singing this one, I sing ‘this life’ instead, and it makes perfect sense to me!

        1. Its quite lovely isn’t it. I think when they write their own lyrics and compose then thats super talented in my book!

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