When Life Gives you Lemons


Tonight at the dinner table, CC asked me why the fruit bowls are overflowing with lemons.  I explained that it is lemon season, and a dear friend had given me a bag from her tree.  Zed said, “Let’s make lemonade!” and I remembered.  That’s exactly what you are supposed to do when life gives you lemons.  So the girls got stuck into clearing up and Zed swept the floor while I made sugar syrup for the lemonade (1 cup sugar to 2 cups water, dissolved in a pan on the stove, set aside to cool).

I’ve been a bit grumpy with life lately. Tonight was a perfect antidote.
All you do is add the juice of two bowls of lemons to the sugar syrup.  The dilute the concentrate 2 cups to 1 cup of water.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  Tart, but delicious!

Just like life.

Here are the pictures of our happy-making night of lemonade making.  🙂
Have you ever made lemonade?  Either the actual kind, or the metaphorical kind?





haha!  Love these kids.  CC, Bee, Zed and XiXi.   🙂

16 thoughts on “When Life Gives you Lemons”

  1. Love it, especially the last photo. Mind you, the artistic photographer in me also really likes the one of just the cut up lemons.

    I’d gladly take some off your hands! I drink 1/2L of ‘lemon water’ (juice of 1/2-1 lemon in water) every morning first thing before I even get out of bed. Sourness doesn’t bother me at all. 🙂

    Another idea is to freeze lemon juice in ice cube trays then decant into a freezer back. Then chuck a handful into a jug of water, plus some fresh mint, bit of fresh ginger and a few chunks of cucumber or watermelon. Any fruit really. Nice and refreshing change to plain water.

    1. Hii, i go by Coco. My friends call me Coco Chanel from school. I am a cancer survivor, i like tokeep it real, light sad at times if need be. I am a fibro patient at the present time and like to help ppl with that and survivors of cancers. I hope to keep in touch and have fun online as i am alive and doing well with the good news, i had another cancer scare this past June…1998 to present… out of work, due to a hypertrophied kidney right absent. Have a great day!!

  2. Have to agree that the last photo is a crack up Rachel! We have a lemon tree and I am debating whether to make some lemon curd but it is so time consuming I might have to find another recipe x

    1. ohhhhhh, lemon curd is to-die-for. I love it, but like you, can’t stand the amount of time required just standing and stirring! So delish though…

  3. I loved this so much for everything it says – life lessons, family time, love, laughter, home made goodness. And I especially love the last photo. Thank you so much for sharing Rachel and I really hope you feel less grumpy soon, or at least less grumpy than the day before. Much love to you xx

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