Distance Vision

Two glorious days.

A ribbon day; discovering my love for plaiting horse tails, watching the school team compete, seeing the grins on the faces of each rider, the immense pride as a ribbon is tied around their pony’s neck. Noticing that the ponies feel pride too, a slightly rounder arch to the neck, prettier steps, a job well done.  The company of good people, shared food and the smell of sweet hay.  A daughter, reading horse encyclopedias after lights out… long after she should have let her exhausted self go to sleep.  Such a special day, and I got to be there, standing for hours, because I could.  My friend asked me if I find the heat difficult to deal with.  Yes, but not like before.  My very cells zing with some kind of happy elixir as I think that thought.  Not like before.

And today, my two little riders out on horseback.  Me, sitting on the grass, breathing in the country air and swinging my head from arena to paddock to take it all in. There is such a joy bubbling up from within, I can’t contain it. I smile at everyone and feel like hugging them all.  They are all so precious. I see all of their individual facets like I am marvelling at gems I have not seen before. So beautiful; our humanity. So breathtakingly gorgeous.

Driving home I see the lines of traffic snaking out in front of me along the highway. It’s busy. We’ll be a while. I turn up my daughter’s new CD and relax into the beat. Megan Trainor, it turns out, is not all about the bass. There is much more to that talented young lady.  I listen to this song, ‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You’ and the tears spring up behind my sunglasses.  It’s beautiful.  It’s how I feel about all of this.  The beauty of people, of life, this way.

And I notice the clouds in the distance, glorious in the late afternoon sun.  I see them, so far away, and realise that seeing things far away is not something I am used to doing.  My long range view has returned; I am seeing the breadth and depth, the future of life. I am loving it all, because really, what more can a heart do, filled up with the beauty of all of this?   My world is expanding in all directions.  I exhale and let the tears track new lines, down my cheeks and across the corners of my smile.

Do you know how beautiful you are?  People?  World?

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