How to Just Be

Every now and then, I’m going to post some photographic magic here.

Photos by a friend of mine with a talent for catching beauty in her camera.
A little window for us to look through.
These posts will be called, ‘How to Just Be’.  Their purpose is to give you something to pause and wonder over.  Something beautiful.  Something to inspire you to take a deep breath. A moment to drink in the view, even if you can’t get out to see these wonders.  Something to help you to just ‘Be’ in the moment.


Photographer: Be Couper
Photographer: Be Couper


Be, my talented photographer friend, was out at Maraetai Beach, near Auckland at dawn when she got this shot.  She had planned to take a photo of the sunrise. Then this little Asian couple wandered out onto the jetty for some early morning fishing.  She hadn’t planned a shot of fisherfolk, but the sunrise, with them in it, ‘made’ the shot work.   When I look at this picture I can imagine how quiet and still it would have been, so few people about, the quiet hush of water on sand, the splash of fishing float on water.  And all that golden sun.
Another truly beautiful shot, Be.  Thank you for sharing it with us!

PS.  Be, if you are reading this, can you post a link in the comments so people can find the photos you have online for sale?