Something for the battlers…

picture of Bic Runga with lyrics overlaid. "And when you rise, you'll find me here.  Open your eyes and see myself, reflected there.  And for a while a little room becomes an everywhere"


Good morning.

I’ve been scrolling through the ‘Meet my Peeps’ guest series.  It makes my heart swell and my eyes spill.  So many gorgeous people, so many brave souls, taking it one day at a time while the world keeps spinning around, unaware. As I was scrolling, this song came on the radio.  And because I suspect nothing is really coincidental, I’m sharing it with you. Whether you are battling ill health or other big life stuff, it’s a really tough gig and you are not alone.

“I want all the world to see, it’s too much sometimes, for me”

I hear you.

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