The Reality Slap: Giveaway!

I’ve been banging on a lot lately about Mr Russ Harris.  His books were introduced to me by my Health Psychologist, Anna.  I have found his book to be easy-to-read, helpful and realistic.  Really practical.  And it is not just good for those of us with chronic illness.  It’s good for anyone who has been slapped by reality and is struggling to wrap their heads around it.  Maybe that’s you?  Maybe it is someone you know and love and you don’t know how to help them.  Russ knows.   Being a bloke, he is also a really valuable read for guys you might know who have been slapped around a bit by reality. He writes like man.  Straightforward, to the point and full of things you can actually do to make a difference.  He has suffered his own reality slap, so it’s not just rhetoric.  It’s relatable and incredibly useful, especially if their reality slap is coming to terms with a loved one’s diagnosis (how many of us know someone cracking that particular walnut)!

I am always on the lookout for giveaway possibilities.  I seriously love giving pressies, so I guess this is an extension of that.  It occured to me that I am not the only one that could benefit from The Reality Slap.  So I ordered two.  One for me, and maybe, one for you!  If you think you, or someone you know, could benefit from this book, why not enter?  Or feel free to share this giveaway with people you know who might need a chance to enter the comp.  There is a facebook share button below.


To be in the competition, just make a comment, in around 25 words or less, below. You must use the words “reality slap” somewhere in your comment, by the end of Sunday 14 September, 2014 (NZ time). 

You can write in sentences, you can write poetry, you can use your words any way you like, but they must be your words.  Tell us how life has given you a reality slap, or tell us about someone who needs this book, or tell us why you would really love it.  You can click on the word ‘comments’ below to be taken to the comment field.
You don’t have to have Dysautonomia to enter.  We all get slapped by reality at some point.

Ts & Cs:
I will notify the winner by email, so you must include your own personal, valid email address to be eligible for winning, this won’t be visible on my blog, only I can see it.
I won’t be using email addresses for any purpose other than notifying the winner.
The prize is as stated and is the product pictured.  It is a brand new paperback copy of the book The Reality Slap: Finding Peace and Fulfilment When Life Hurts by Russ Harris.  Published by New Harbinger Publications.
For your safety, please don’t put your postal address in the comments, if you win I will email you for more details.
I am happy to post to anywhere, so don’t be shy.  Wherever you live, NZ Post can get it to you…

Although I am advertising this competition on my facebook page, I won’t be running it there.  So make sure your comment is entered below this post, in my blog commenting form, on this blog.  Not on facebook.  🙂

Good luck!

PS.  See that Dysautonomia Awareness Bracelet?  My order of bracelets for awareness month next month just arrived.  The winner of this competition will get the bracelet too!  Isn’t that rad!  Gotta be in it to win it!



23 thoughts on “The Reality Slap: Giveaway!”

  1. Hi Rach! Thought I’d give this a go! Had a bit of a reality slap just now as I accidentally pressed back on my phone and lost my whole comment then my nurse came in to give me a surprise enema. I have no more words.

    1. yeesh! that’s a slap upside the butt! Some nurses just know how to give and keep giving. 😮
      Thanks for your entry Kendall, you’re in the draw!
      PS. I hope that enema works it out for you 😉

  2. oh well here goes nothing 🙂

    a reality slap is harsh
    it sneaks up on you
    stinging with clarity
    momentarily blinding
    revealing the reality of now

  3. Reality slap … here’s the end of a poem I’ve drafted but not yet published on my blog:

    You get out of bed
    No matter how hard
    For what are the options
    When life’s played you this card
    And you go through the motions
    …Because – right now – it’s all you can do

    And you go through the motions
    Until, at some point, you can do more

    1. It’s great Silke. I hope you publish it. I can feel so much emotion in the line ‘and you go through the motions…’
      I am so sorry you have such an interminable struggle.
      Take care.
      Thanks for entering the draw!

  4. Hi Rach, very generous of you again! Not entering the giveaway but have a comment on you blog…for some reason I have difficulty with reading much of the text, it is really pale/grey… is this just me? Have tried altering brightness etc, Help!
    PS great success with the pillbox you sent me in the giveaway, my other half wants one too! Thanks.. Margot

    1. No, it’s not just you Margot! I bought my blog theme from etsy and the developer hasn’t replied to my emails for help with regards to the font. I changed it myself by fiddling around with the code, but I think I shall need to change it again to something with a bit more weight.
      Glad the pillbox is working out well for you!

  5. While I would prefer a reality hug or a reality kiss, I think a reality slap would do me just as good as a hug or a kiss <3

    Thanks for your kindness, Rach.

    Much Love,
    Restoring Insanity

    ps: I think I should permanently change my name to Restoring Insanity. What do you think?

  6. Suicide was not my answer…I need a reality slap…hubby needs me to have a reality slap…I hurt his heart with my attempt.

  7. Reality slap : Hubbie was diagnosed with blindness in near future. Thinking that I won’t be able to look at myself in those beautiful blue-green eyes gives me the creeps, that he won’t see our daughter growing up, that he being such a nature lover won’t be able to see it any more…

    1. Oh Marlene, that is heart breaking. I hope you guys are getting the support you need to get through the next bits. I wish it weren’t so. 🙁

      …and thanks so much for entering, you’re in the draw!

  8. Hi Rachel, how timely! One f my regular patients turned up for a routine checkup looking like a ghost – just been diagnosed with end stage liver disease.. So unexpected, so sudden, so young (he is 40). I saw him 3 months ago – happy and bouncing. Today – wearing gastric tube, looking gaunt and frightened. Reality slap. “The trouble with time is that we all think we have it” xoxox

    1. Oh Anya, how terrible. I really feel for him and his family. I hope the next weeks are as easy as possible for him.
      Thanks for your entry, you are in the draw.

  9. Hi Rachel, I will give this a go

    When my daughter couldn’t even hold her head up without passing out it was a reality slap for our cardiologist to hit high gear.

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