Poetry Free Fall

My friend and fellow Dysautonomia blogger across the ditch ran a great series for Awareness Month this year.  She asked other Dysautonomiacs to submit pieces that explore Dysautonomia through the arts.  She collected a range of paintings, sketches, songs and poetry.

This is a little poem I submitted.  It’s a bit darker than my usual writing, but I’m okay (I say that just in case you are the sort to worry about people writing dark poetry).  It was great to express some of these feelings in the context of a poem and for a specific project.  I have always loved the distillation of words that poetry writing requires, even if my own poetry skills are fledgling!

This poem is about my complicated relationship with sleep and hope and despair. It is about what it feels like to know that the thing you struggle with every day may never in fact get better.  It’s a feeling of falling.  I post it, all the while hoping that whatever your day is holding for you, you get to fly more than you fall today.

Arohanui x



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8 thoughts on “Poetry Free Fall”

  1. I think there is alot of hope and light here too Rachel! I am also surprised how much I love the distillation of words with poetry, how a perfectly worded line can mean so much “…fatigue seeping through the fissures of wakefulness”. I also like the way you’ve presented the poem – I better up my game! x

    1. ah! thanks Karen. It’s our old friend Canva! The black swish is actually one of their ‘lines’ made large and rotated. Can’t wait to see your next poem!

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