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My material is currently being published on the Health Warriors site, out of the UK.
How to Win Doctors and Influence People
8 Strategies for Coping with Chronic Illness
Here’s One Way to Imagine what it’s like…
5 Ways to Ease the Burden of Illness on Your Kids
What Lies Behind Her Beautiful Face
A Lousy Way to Treat a Vulnerable Patient

I write for the Parenting Corner of the DINET newsletter.  DINET stands for Dysautonomia Information Network.  The are the longest standing North American information portal for patients with Dysautonomia.  You can find their newsletters here click around their site; lots of useful information there.

I have just been featured on Sam Colden’s blog The Annoyed Thyroid, in her series on women whose life choices are inspiring:

I write pieces for the Kiwi Families website and portal:

A web portal for families called BonBon Break ran one of my parenting pieces:

And just recently, these were published on The Mighty.

Lisa Berson is a freelance writer who is running a series called ‘Sisterhood Stories’ over on her website. She published a story I wrote about my best friend, Flo.

There is a superhero in the world of Dysautonomia, her name is Michelle and she writes the extraordinary Living with Bob blog.  She is a big part of why I wanted to start blogging, her writing inspired me to pick up a pen and take to my keyboard.  Before I started blogging for myself, I was lucky enough to write two guest blogs for her site.  You can find them by clicking on the titles:

…and then for last  year’s Dysautonomia Awareness Month, Michelle ran a series called ‘Exploring Dysautonomia through the Arts’.  I drew a picture and wrote a poem.  You can find them both on this link:

A version of my piece, otherwise known as ‘Who I Appear to Be’, was also published on the news service; 

For Invisible Awareness Week 2014, my piece was published on

For Dysautonomia Awareness Month, 2014, I wrote a piece for the lovely people over at Attitude Live (thanks to Andrea Kortas for finding this wonderful platform for us to share the Dysautonomia story).

I also write pieces on parenting for the gorgeous Kylie over at Nic-Nac (you should visit this online store, they sell AWESOME stuff!)  She’s a big part of why I write at all.  She asked me to and so I did.   And I LIKED it!   Thanks Kylie.  Here are some of my Nic-Nac blog pieces:


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