Petits ‘fours’

I’m joining in a blog post idea suggested by my blogging friends Clare and Nettie. It’s a series of questions with answers of four. I’d love to hear your petits-fours too!  Just copy and paste the questions into the comments field, I’d like to get to know you better and this is a fun and easy way!  In-four-mation makes the world go round.  Bahaha!

Four names that people call me, other than my real name.

Fat Foo

Four jobs I have had (not counting current jobs)

Cut Price Deli chick
IT help desk
Telephone marketer
(yep.  be kind to those poor souls, they’d rather not be calling you, either)
A blue body-painted extra in a promotional event.

Four movies I have watched more than once

Toy Story
The Piano
Whale Rider
We bought a Zoo

Four books I’d recommend

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
North of Normal by Cea Person
Purple Hibiscus (or any of Chimamanda Ngoze Adichie’s books)
The Good Women of China by Xinran

Four places I’ve lived

Christchurch; enduring memories are icy puddles on winter mornings and frost on my woollen school socks.  I had a pink school uniform, a tree hut in the willow tree. And I met two lasting friends, Rachel.G and Dana.

Papua New Guinea; land of Islands and Mountains, sunshine and breeze. This country is a big part of who I am today. All the memories fill my heart and mind and have shaped my personality.

Melbourne; in a boarding house, far far from home.  It was in a huge city, yet my world there was very small.

Sydney; my first ‘grown up’ home, a little flat with gingham kitchen curtains.  I loved keeping house and making everything just so. But arranging cushions does not a marriage make!  Thankfully, happy endings have been had by all who lived in that little Hornsby nest.

Four places I have been

China (loved the alleyway markets in Tian Jin)
USA (Colorado is my favourite state so far)
Germany (au-pair to a family in Munich)
England (where I met rellies who made me appreciate the marvel of genes)

Four places I would rather be right now

There’s no where I would rather be, but if I HAD to be somewhere else… and there were no limitations hefted on me by reality…

I’d be at Vista Verde in Colorado, having another magical white Christmas.  But only if everyone I love could be there too (yes, that includes you Nettie, and all the Pipsters, my dear friends, my girls from the Dysautonomia community and my lovely readers)!  We’d book out the whole ranch and build gingerbread houses and sing carols with the cowboys and take sleigh rides, or ride horses through the snow and drink mulled wine! There would be hot spas looking out over the snow covered Lodge, steaming mugs of hot chocolate, Cholly’s homebaked cookies, cedar scented cabins, snow tubing and twinkling trees lighting the snow-ploughed path home each night! Ohhhh!  Lucky lucky people that are doing just that right now.

(here’s some photos from when we did it for real)




I’d be in Darwin: so I could see the precious bump that is going to be my little nephew next year, and hug his much-missed parents this Christmas; see their new house and get a fix for what their world looks like.  I’ve only seen it in my imagination and I want to know what it feels like in that part of the world.

I’d be in Sydney: so I could wish my bro and his beautiful wife and kids a Merry Christmas in person, which would involve my arms around all of them, lots of loud and enthusiastic singing and lots of floating in the pool, ‘cause Sydney, like Darwin, is too HOT!

I’d be in Gisborne: so I could marvel anew at how giant my nephews are becoming, meet the new puppy, chat and reminisce about my Mum with my sister. Dose up on those sisterly cups of tea, and wish them all a beautiful Christmas too.


Four things I don’t eat

strange parts of animals
pork buns (after an experience once on a ship that I cannot shake from my amygdyla)

Four of my favourite foods

(I had to put these into categories, because I couldn’t stop at four!)

Pavlova, Chocolate, Cake, Cinnamon Rolls
Fresh garden veggies; asparagus, snow peas, capsicum, grilled artichokes
Venison, lamb, crayfish and salmon
Fresh still-warm white bread (I know.  Evil.  Yet delicious!)

Four TV shows that I watch

Game of Thrones
Downton Abbey
Graham Norton
Anything on the Living Channel

Four things I am looking forward to this year (and into 2015)

Finally trialling treatment and hopefully having favourable results
Hearing back about a study opportunity… and hopefully, DOING it!
Spending heavenly horse time with my daughter’s new pony (shhh!  still a secret from her!)
Writing more…



Four things I am always saying

“WHO was the last person in the toilet?!”
“Try again, using calm words…”
“…it’s a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, the part of our bodies that controls all the automatic functions”
“FFS” (it’s swearing, so I won’t translate)


Come on!  Tell me your fours…

(copy and paste this into your comment)
Four namesFour jobs
Four movies
Four books
Four places lived
Four places been
Four places I’d rather be
Four foods I don’t eat
Four foods I love
Four TV shows
Four things I’m looking forward to this year
Four things I say

8 thoughts on “Petits ‘fours’”

  1. In-four-mation – that is gold medal punning my friend!!
    Packing for Colorado right now.
    I love your brain!
    Wish I was able to get one of those hugs.

  2. Four names
    Mum? Haha.

    Four jobs
    Bank teller
    Riding instructor
    Medical receptionist in an A&E (strong stomach)

    Four movies
    What We Did on Our Holiday. (You would love it – precocious, hilarious kids)
    Valentine’s Day

    Four books
    Can’t remember the titles exactly…
    The Peculiar Sadness of Lemon Cake
    The Midwife’s Apprentice
    The Book Thief
    The first Harry Potter book.

    Four places lived
    Gordonton with seven horses and ponies and all the happiness
    Hamilton FML

    Four places been
    Sydney for when Anna represented NZ showing horses.
    Sunshine Coast Aus

    Four places I’d rather be
    Sunshine Coast with my Aunty Patty
    Nowhere else.

    Four foods I don’t eat
    Cows tongues. Thanks mum. (Vomit)
    Brawn. Again thanks to mum.
    Mashed parsnip and carrot. Thanks mum.

    Four foods I love
    Papaya. Omg.
    Lamb Korma
    Crime Brûlée

    Four TV shows
    Friends x 1000
    Criminal Minds
    Home and Away. Lol.

    Four things I’m looking forward to this year
    No expectations.

    Four things I say
    What now?
    Oh my god, what now??
    Leave me alone

    Happy Xmas, Rachel! And a PONY!!! OH MY GOD! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!

  3. Love this idea Rachel!! I might even do my own post. I always love getting to know my fellow bloggers better by little Q&A’s like this. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas and that place in Colorado looks incredible. Let’s just put it out there – a Pipsters meet up at Vista Verde!

  4. Four names
    Liv (It’s my first name Emily is my middle name)
    Miss M

    Four jobs
    Shoveling horse poo in my cousin’s stable
    Katie’s (retail)
    Marketing Coordinator
    Executive Assistant

    Four movies
    Shop Girl
    Drop Dead Fred
    Empire Records
    The Princess Bride

    Four books
    Little Lord Fauntleroy
    April Fools
    The Shipping News
    The Road from Coorain
    So hard for me to pick just 4!!

    Four places lived
    Charleston South Carolina (USA)
    San Francisco
    Beechmont (Gold Coast Hinterland)

    Four places been
    Langesund (my Mum’s home village in Norway)
    Cabo San Lucas (annual family time share)
    Mongolia (Horse riding trek)
    Iceland (winter weekend to ride the Icelandic Ponies!)

    Four places I’d rather be
    Asleep in bed (I have an 18mo who doesn’t sleep well so I dream of sleep constantly!)
    In a world that is peaceful
    Laughing on the floor with my boys
    On the back of a horse exploring

    Four foods I don’t eat
    Paw Paw
    White Chocolate (it’s not really chocolate!)

    Four foods I love
    Homemade pesto and pasta
    Norwegian fish cakes
    Is Champagne a food (?)
    Anything my Dad makes me (best short order cook in the world his sandwiches are off the charts!)

    Four TV shows
    Sleep comes before TV so haven’t watched anything except ABC for kids in 12 months

    Four things I’m looking forward to this year
    Getting more sleep!
    When my baby really starts talking to me
    More yoga
    Getting back to my regular volunteering at the riding for disabled

    Four things I say
    I’m tired
    Please Miles go back to sleep
    What time is it?
    Why won’t you sleep!

    1. Well Miss M! Lots of fascinating facts about you there! I too love the Princess Bride, and I am totally jealous of your Mongolian and Icelandic pony treks! What amazing memories you must have!

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