Peas Please

In our house we have an adventurous eater, and a fussy eater. Thankfully, both love peas!  Especially fresh peas, straight from the pod.  They always clamour to do the shelling so they can sneak those green orbs into their mouth while I am not looking.
(He he heh!  Little do they know what a nutritional hit they are getting while I pretend not to notice!)
Thought I would share some pictures with you of our latest pea shelling episode.  How pretty are peas?

We love them straight out of the pod, sprinkled over salads or steamed with a blob of butter.







4 thoughts on “Peas Please”

    1. So gorgeous! I love them like this! There is something about having the kids sitting up at the bench shelling peas that appeals to my old fashioned heart! Romana, I got your beautiful package, thank you! I am in the process of writing back but I just wanted you to know what a bright spot your parcel was in my week last week. 🙂

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