New. Yeah!

Hello New year.  Yeah, you.

Can you be a kind one? A full-of-love one?
A generous-of-down-time one?
A less-of-doctors one. A more-of-reading one. A happy-new-schools-move one. A much-more-camping one. A fixing-the-house one, a finding my writing muse one. A painting-pictures one.

That kind of one?

Ta. I’m ready for you, 2018.

I woke up this morning and attended to my paperwork pile, firing off emails and getting shiz done before anyone else in the house had stirred. Feels good to start with a productive burst.  We did our usual New Year’s platter extravaganza last night.  All the yummies.  Tawny port. Reflection on the year we’ve had and our goals for the one ahead. Then at 12, we stood on our deck and watched the fireworks bloom across the dark sky.  The Sky Tower lit up like a giant sparkler.  A cool breeze and the warm arms of my man around me filled me with calm optimism. Twenty Eighteen is going to be a good one. It will be so different for us.  I think it is time for change.

source: RadioNZ

My hubster is in the kitchen making us a morning cuppa and the New Year has dawned quietly overcast. I see the Jacaranda tree we planted a few years ago is having it’s best season yet; a harbinger of good things to come for all of us. Masses of heavy bunches of purple drip from it’s slender branches raining petals on the lawn and path.  It’s a beautiful sight. One day, it will stretch across to the house and fill the corner of our place with dappled shade. I wonder how many New Years will roll by before that happens?  What will they hold?

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for last year and all it’s challenges to be history.  It’s time for New. Yeah.

My ten year old just came into our room, all wuffly headed and sleepy.  “Welcome to 2018!” I said.
“Oh yeaaah!” he said. And he mused to himself
‘What’s my New Year’s Revolution going to be?’  I smiled.  That is surprisingly apt.

Happy New Year everyone! May this one bring peace and calm and happiness and fulfilment for all of you, in whatever shapes those things take for you. It’s a wobbly time in global politics, so I really hope it’s a optimistic new year for everyone, in spite of it all.  May all the ‘revolutions’ be internal and useful.



6 thoughts on “New. Yeah!”

  1. Happy new year to you too my friend. I’m optimistic about 2018 too, ready to leave the challenges of 2017 behind, move forward. May your year be filled with special moments, and selfishly for me who loves your blog, full of writing too. Xo

    1. I’m so impressed with all that you have achieved this year Sarah. Keeping your head above water when the waves have threatened to pull you under. You are so amazing and I am proud to know you. Here’s to both of us doing more of what lights us up in 2018. Happy New Year.

  2. A Happy New Year to you 4. May 2018 be filled with Peace, Joy, Good Health and lots of fun filled days together. So lovely to hear that your beautiful Jacaranda tree is in full bloom. The sight of Jacaranda’s in bloom brings back memories of my childhood. Holidays on Frank’s folks farm where the biggest Jacaranda tree I have ever seen stood proud in the front garden, and part of the farmyard was lined with these beautiful trees. Such wonderful memories of the things us kids did there, and then I ended up marrying the young man and living on the farm for a number of years. And the city of Pietermaritzburg, where I was born and lived till my marriage, was known for the streets lined with Jacarandas. At high school there was a ‘superstition’ that if you studied under a Jacaranda tree, and a blossom fell on you, that you would do exceptionally well in your exams. ‘SMILE’

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