And the Liebster Award goes to…

liebsterawardI have a friend from my foray into the blogging world.  She’s amazing.  I remember the first time I read her blog being so impressed. I thought: she really knows how to tap into the big issues while remaining as personal and familiar, like a friend you’ve chatted with your whole life.  She has a global heart, a peaceful heart, a kindness driven, sensitive heart.  And she writes so well. I’ve been a fan right from the start, so it was a big deal when I got a little message from her telling me she has nominated me for a Liebster Award!  I’m feeling the love.  Thanks so much Sarah.  You can find her wonderful blog here:  Sarah’s Heart Writes.

What exactly is this Liebster award all about?  I asked Sarah, this is what she wrote about it:
“This is an award that appears to have no concrete origins but is said to have started in Germany, hence the name Liebster which loosely means Dearest or Nicest or Kindest or Sweetest (and a few other adjectives to boot including boyfriend!).

It should be said that you don’t have to accept the award. If you don’t want to pay it forward, you don’t have to, you can gracefully decline the award, it is up to you. But if you do accept it, the idea is that you pass on the love. And I do love to spread it around a bit.

The rules have changed a bit over the years it seems.  The idea is that once you have been nominated and accepted the award, you then nominate a further 3 to 5 bloggers whom you think deserve the award.  They then nominate a further set of bloggers, posing their own set of questions and so the Pay-It-Forward thing goes on”.  Sarah Doxey Cox

I am so excited to nominate some bloggers from my little community of Dysautonomiacs.  These women have become my friends online because we all share the challenge of wonky autonomic nervous systems.  And they also blog!  Without exception they are all awesome, brave, funny, clever and interesting.  I give you my nominees:

Michelle from Living with Bob
Michelle and I have matching thumbs.  Similar knees.  A shared love of poetry and chocolate.  Among other things!  Michelle has been my greatest source of dysautonomia laughs, my biggest provoker of tears, a brilliant sharer of great music and a scientifically sound resource for all my medical wonderings.  I was introduced to her blog a few years ago by Lauren Stiles from Dysautonomia International.  Michelle led me to my online support group. Thanks Michelle, you are the font of all knowledge and the best zombie I know.

Erika-Louise from Chronically Dys-Functional

Erika has been in hospital, more than out, over the last few years.  She has one of the most severe cases of Dysautonomia in Australia and possibly the world.  She achieved a huge thing just last week, standing for one minute.  I am so excited about the progress she is making, and so thrilled that she shares her thoughts and wisdom with us all on her blog. Erika, you beautiful, brave girl.  Just keep going.

Ashlee from Ramblings of a Chronically Ill Teen
Ashlee is articulate and straightforward.  She faces a huge health challenges in addition to the challenges of being a teenager.  Recently she’s been thinking about what to do at the end of secondary school.  Can you imagine facing those decisions knowing that your chronic illness is going to be with you the whole way? That you’ll be juggling study with hospital admissions?  I like the way Ashlee writes, I like how she unflinchingly shares and spreads awareness, that she never misses an opportunity to advocate for people with Dysautonomia. You’re great, Ash.

Kendall from The Potsy Princess

Kendall is one of the sweetest people I have ever met online.  Even in the midst of terribly frightening surgery and difficult rehabilitation, Kendall finds time to support and encourage everyone else.  She likes quirky things, she has a darling boyfriend, and a body that rarely gives her a break. She is a rarity in more ways than just the ways defined by illness.  I love her attitude and the stoic way she approaches life. And I like her writing.  This blog is a brand new baby!  Aw!

Stephanie from Insight through Illness
Stephanie is a compassionate, deep thinker who has weathered the storms of her illness with such grace and positivity.  She shares her insights and provides a community space for people with Dysautonomia at her website.  She’s been struggling a lot lately.  Hope this Liebster award pops a smile on your dial Steph. Can’t wait to see the award up on your site.

We are all antipodean.  Michelle’s been blogging for a while and is our beacon of inspiration.  The rest of us are newbie bloggers, just starting out.  Please, do go and say hello.  Tell them I sent you. Show them some love.  Although we have more time for blogging than most healthy people, it is still a struggle to get the words out, manage the ‘back end’ and deliver regular content when you are sick.  Blogs are a labour of love; I know they’d appreciate some reader love!

I haven’t written any questions for them to answer as per usual Liebster protocol.  Cos I’m a rebel like that.

Thanks for the award, now it’s your turn, girls!  Who do you nominate?

4 thoughts on “And the Liebster Award goes to…”

  1. I loved your blod and thought it was so sweet of you to share with others where we could find similar blogs. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve published this entry on the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Australia page. 🙂

    1. Lidia, that’s awesome! Thank you so much for spreading it around. That’s exactly what the Liebsters are all about. Hope you are recovering well from your op! Rach

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