“…comme-ci, comme-ca”  my son’s small hand wavers horizontally in the manner of telling me he’s feeling, well, middling.  Not this, not that. He’s into language, currently French.  Much easier to comprehend than some of the made up languages he used to speak in! I have to say, I concur with his sentiments, but for different reasons. Today is Christmas day and he’s been gorging on christmas stocking treats, so faced with the prospect of Christmas dinner, he’s non committal. But my middling feelings are not about food. No. I’m feeling middling about Christmas itself. A holiday I have always loved is so much more complex now.  I don’t think I can explain it to him, and anyway, he bounds off to do something busy. I’m left to myself to prepare the salad, left to my own middling thoughts, my own sweet and sour, light and shade. My own shadow dance.

This time of year is reminiscing time, and I try really hard every year not to fall into the murky depths of melancholy. I think a LOT about my mum. About my childhood. And about how I wish I could just tell her that I get it.  All the stuff I didn’t get when I was a clueless kid, an angst-ridden teen and a self-absorbed young woman. All the stuff about being a Mum, and the efforts that go unnoticed. All the stuff about the importance of having family traditions, how crucial manners and generosity are. How hard you have to work to help the family with that stuff. I want to look her deep in the eyes and make sure she knows that I finally get it, and I am so thankful to her. If she were here, she’d probably shrug me off, in her trademark bluster. But I’d put my hands back on her shoulders and say “MUM! I get it!” and she might laugh and tell me there is still waaay more for me to get. I’m a long way off knowing it all.

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Grief reaches across the years, never really releasing me. And it’s not just because of the aching chasm that exists where her love used to be. But because of the lost opportunity to love her back. She’s gone. No more chances to let her know that I appreciated all of that self sacrifice and hard graft. With every decoration I hung on my tree this year, my heart keened for her like it was her last day all over again. I can’t have Christmas without memories of her that ghost through every song, every ritual, all the ways we do things. For me, there is no joy to all men without sadness for one woman.

I just miss my Mumma… you know?

The tsunami of feeling inundated me mid-morning. The hubster was having a nap. The kids were playing amongst the drifts of wrapping paper on the living room carpet.  I decided it would be good to take my tears out into the wind and I strapped on my helmet and climbed on my bike. Even with my legs burning and the rush of air against my face, the sadness enveloped me. Chased me around the quiet streets. Followed me through the park. Settled in my chest where I knew it would weigh on me for the rest of Christmas Day.

It occurs to me that the only way I can love my Mum without her here, is to pour the love I have for her into my kids. Her grandbabies. She would probably have liked that.  I look at my girl, lying next to the cat in a sunny patch of the floor, so young-old it hurts. I hear my little guy, shadow fighting an imaginary opponent with his light sabre, he’s bound to be victorious any moment now.  I will love these kids with all the love that belongs to you Mumma.

An extra serve straight from my mother heart, the one I inherited from you. x

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PS.  We watched Inkheart tonight. Tom Baxter’s song ‘My Declaration’ is the theme song. I loved it and thought I’d share it here. It’s a good anthem for carrying on, for doing your best.

6 thoughts on “Inheritance”

  1. A punch to the heart. I ache for you.

    I’m blessed to still have my Mum around, but sometimes the terrifying thought that one day she’ll be gone flits through my mind and darkens my the windows of my heart. Then I remind myself that I’ll miss her fiercely when she’s gone, but until then, I can do my best to love her fiercely, and to make her *know* that she is loved.

    Thanks for the reminder.
    Sending big hugs across the sea. I know they’re not as good as Mum hugs, but they’re full of love <3

  2. Rach, again we meet as kindred spirits sharing the same “you get me” moment. I carry all the traditions through the holiday and ache in a way that I can’t explain to anyone who has not experienced the loss of their mom too. My mom died on New Year’s Day so the holidays have never truly been the same to me. But you are dead on right, the love HAS to go somewhere and the only place that makes sense is to my daughter, my nieces and now my granddaughter, who carries the name of my mom as her middle name. So for all the years of traditions and memories I pass on to dead Remy Margaret – the original Margaret must be sharing my smiles from somewhere in heaven. Thank you for another moment of understanding. Merry Christmas….

    1. Oh Ellen, I am so sorry for your loss. My Mum also hung on through Christmas and passed away the day after New Year’s Day. I think anniversaries are always hard, and Christmas brings even more emotion and memory. Here’s to your Mom, Margaret, and my Mom, Faith. Xox

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