Papua New Guinea: Paradise Lost

I forgot. How the benign breezes  warm your skin; like the hand of your mother, a caress across your hair, a warm breath, familiar on your cheek. I forgot. The cacophony of birds and the crashing vibrancy of the bush.   The night music; melanesian melodies. I forgot.  Soft, sweet, spoon scoops of young coconut … Continue reading Papua New Guinea: Paradise Lost


Three years ago, our family went on holiday to this very Pacific Island. It was a very different time. I was so sick back then, and full of trepidation that we would have a medical emergency while I was away. I remember how it took weeks of agonising effort to pack and how the things … Continue reading Malo

Speaking of Shoes

I was sure I was ascending the stairway to heaven. This was the address for Angels for Shoes (how apt! Cue the choir of angels) …the shoe shop for big-footed girls. As we pushed open the door, I took a hopeful, anticipatory breath. This place must surely be the solution to my foot problems…!? I … Continue reading Speaking of Shoes

A Day at the Races

I got to be a lay-dee yesterday.  Tra-la! This is my oldest brother, Shaun. He took me with him to a corporate function at the races. It was lavish and lovely. The people were so nice and I chatted away until my voice was completely gone.  So today I am ordering lemon and ginger tea … Continue reading A Day at the Races


The first book I ever read was made by my Mum. It was a scrapbook she put together for my oldest siblings.  By the time it had passed into my treasured possession, the newsprint corners were soft and well-thumbed.  My favourite page was the page for ‘red’.  There was a lady in red, red flowers, … Continue reading Bookish

Q and A

Last month, I had to deliver a ten minute talk …about me.  My story.  It was part of the block weekend for the Leadership Programme I am doing.  The programme is about leadership in social change and it is challenging my thinking in lots of ways. I really prefer writing to talking (I know some … Continue reading Q and A

The Pacifist and the Poppy

It’s ANZAC day, a special date in our calendar down in this part of the world.  If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll need to know that ANZAC stands for the combined services of Australia and New Zealand in the two World Wars.  Together, we joined with our allies to fight off the threats … Continue reading The Pacifist and the Poppy

Petits ‘fours’

I’m joining in a blog post idea suggested by my blogging friends Clare and Nettie. It’s a series of questions with answers of four. I’d love to hear your petits-fours too!  Just copy and paste the questions into the comments field, I’d like to get to know you better and this is a fun and … Continue reading Petits ‘fours’

Reunion with That Girl.

If you saw yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I found her again, there in Tonga.  She’d been waiting for me. My young self, lost in the Tropics.  Waiting for me to help her say goodbye to our childhood years.  I moved to Papua New Guinea when I was seven, and after seven more of my … Continue reading Reunion with That Girl.

International Travel for the Chronically Ill

A couple of years ago, we were told that my illness is progressive.  Although we had suspected, that knowledge had an immediate effect on the choices we were making. We became mindful about making memories. Children don’t remember the things we necessarily want them to remember, and we know that the small moments of connectedness, … Continue reading International Travel for the Chronically Ill