31 Days of Dysautonomia Awareness

October is(5)

Today is the last day of Dysautonomia Awareness Month for this year.
Wordpress thinks it is still yesterday, because they aren’t based in New Zealand.  But down here, the sun has been up on the last day of October for some time.  It’s already looking like a beautiful day.

It’s been a really huge month for me.  My first as a Dysautonomia Blogger. I appreciate anew the efforts that health activists go to all over the world to raise awareness and funds for rare diseases.

For any diseases.

And I am really, really tired.

So today I am not doing any big wrap up.  There won’t be blue fireworks and streamers and fanfare. I’m just going to thank you.  For noticing the things I posted, for taking time to discuss it with me, for reading the blog (!) and ‘liking’ all the awareness posts on the facebook page. For those of you who dressed stylishly in blue for Dysautonomia Awareness (Zoe! for instagramming her blue fashions #dysautonomiaawareness), who posted blue pictures for the #dysautonomiaawareness instagram campaign.  For Kylie, who made my hair such a pretty blue and Sarah, who spread the word on the business page of the Salon.  For Michelle, who shared my picture and poem in her blog series “Exploring Dysautonomia through the Arts”.  For Andrea and the editorial folk at Attitude Live, for the opportunity to get the Dysautonomia word out into the media. For all the blue nails around the place (especially, thanks to Zed who went ‘thumbs up for Dysautonomia’ even though in his seven-year-old world, nail polish is “for girls”). For my sister Tristen, who created awareness bracelets with me.  For Anya Bykar and Bea Chuan who donated bespoke jewellery items for the cause. For the girls who heard my plea and donated to the research fund.  Thank you.

Thank you.




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