Calendar Giveaway: How to Just Be!


Do you love the first page of a brand new calendar or diary? All that blank possibility?  I do. I’m a sucker for a good calendar.  For me, the images really matter, and lots of white space for jotting down info. Each year, we are lucky enough to be on Be Couper’s Christmas Calendar gift list.  She’s a photographer and is responsible for all the shots on this blog that look any good.  (The snapshots that don’t, are my inexpert phone shots!)  Be curates 12 of her favourite shots each year and compiles them into a calendar. This coming year’s calendar surpasses the last.  The photos are even more breathtaking.  I love seeing what she finds through her lense across each year…  if you like her photos, too, you will love her calendar!  If you haven’t seen them yet, use the search function there on the right.  Type in ‘just Be‘ and you’ll find them.

You can also find her stock photography for sale here.

This year, Be Couper has given me two calendars to give away here on the Chronic-ills of Rach!
Does one of them have your name on it?

Would you like to be in to win?

All you have to do to get in the draw is comment below.

Tell me one thing that helps you to just ‘BE’.
eg. ‘being with my family helps me to just ‘BE’.

I will put all the entries into a hat on Sunday the 4th January, draw a winner and notify by email.  Entries can be from anywhere in the world.  NZ Post and I will get it to you 😉  You don’t have to have Dysautonomia to enter either, you just have to love beauty and like a bit of a giveaway comp!  What’s not to love?!

Be Couper Yellow Skies



And the winners are…
Leah Gullan and Emily Doddrell!


10 thoughts on “Calendar Giveaway: How to Just Be!”

  1. I am often intimidated by a blank calendar or particularly a blank journal. I feel the pressure of writing neatly, with a nice pen and writing something that is meaningful! However, once I’ve actually committed pen to paper, the damage has been done and I quickly get over it! The first cut is the deepest as they say! Walking along the beach – enjoying the view, smelling the salty air – makes me appreciate my life and where I live and lets me BE! Hope you have a great 2015! x

  2. In a new calendar or diary; the possibilities of days yet to be lived. Just be; we don’t do it often enough, I fear people don’t enjoy it enough. I’ve learnt to do though, it’s the silver lining of having fibromyalgia, my mind and body need it. Sitting in Fitzroy gardens is a good just be time for me, no talking, just sit and enjoy the gardens.

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